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Rockhaven Reflection

This past weekend at Rockhaven Ecozoic Center, a haven for healing and rejuvenation, I had the good fortune to co-present a workshop, with my daughter Katie. The workshop, “Soul-stice Soul Writing,” encouraged participants to get in touch with the story their soul longed to tell. My personal experience of writing my story allowed me to see the healing side of digging deeply with my writing.

Rockhaven Ecozoic Center

For almost 23 years after the source of my physical pain had been surgically removed with two hip replacements, I continued to stumble over the mental and emotional residue from my forty-year journey with chronic pain. When friends asked if I wanted to join them for events like 6-mile bike rides, I still panicked, worrying that it was going to be physically painful. After writing my story, I now find myself looking for ways to challenge myself, like biking the Golden Gate Bridge, which I did last year.

How do years of memories of painful experiences just vaporize? I believe it was because I wrote my story. I unearthed it from inside myself and no longer felt the need to carry it.

The group this weekend, some already gifted writers, was open to the idea of going beyond journaling to connect with something deeper within.

The reward was that thoughts were appearing on the page, as one participant put it, “faster than I could write.” Another participant shared, “I have been working on getting into journaling for like six months–and suddenly yesterday morning and this morning, I’m writing like I never wrote before. Pages and pages flowing. Thank you for the inspiration.”

This experience was so gratifying for me, and very eye-opening for the participants. We are already planning part two of this workshop. I feel this is just the beginning of my journey to helping others share their stories. The more we share, the more we heal and connect not just to ourselves and our truths, but we connect more deeply with each other. More details on future workshops to come.

One last thing, this Friday, I am looking forward to another pleasurable experience, hosting a Book Signing/Wine Tasting Event at Garland Wines in Webster Groves. I am truly blessed to be able to meet with both old and new friends and reap the rewards of being having chosen to put my story in print so that it might inspire others to get in touch with their stories.