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From the back cover of Silent Courage:















From Alfred J Fischer D.C.

30 years of chiropractic experience

“Silent Courage put a whole new perspective on chronic pain- not months or years, but a lifetime. Details as simple as daily routines, even as a child, were eye opening. Every physician and physical therapist should read this book to better grapple the complexity of lifetime pain. Thank you for your courage.”


From Professor/Dr. Brian A. Rothbart, Chronic Pain Elimination Specialist

“Mary Byrne Eigel’s book – Silent Courage – is an autobiography of Mary’s struggle, living a life in chronic pain. Her story begins as a very young child and continues well into her adulthood.

What I found most illuminating was her description of the psychological issues that occurred resulting from her unrelenting pain. When Mary finally conquered her chronic pain, her memory of living a life with that pain still remained. Deep psychological issues surfaced that needed to be resolved. And it wasn’t until these issues were resolved that Mary could finally complete her journey out of pain.”



From Boomer Highway:

“Friend and fellow blogger, Mary Eigel has just released SILENT COURAGE–a book about living with and conquering pain. As a result of being born with bi-lateral hip dysplasia, Mary single-handily and silently endured this condition and chronic pain. Unaware of the cause as a child because her parents did not share the diagnosis with her, Mary learned how to keep up as best she could through school, the teenage years and college. She became a competent artist and teacher and raised a family–pain her constant companion. Her understanding about what it’s like to navigate these waters inspired her to share with others what she has learned on this long and tumultuous journey.”



From Washington Missourian newspaper:

“Readers can expect a one-sitting read that flows, replete with a descriptive and poetic voice, a book that will elicit empathy for the sad times Eigel endured as a child, a girl not able to sit crisscross with the rest of her classmates, a child kept in the dark at a time when many parents lived by a ‘don’t talk, don’t trust, don’t feel’ philosophy.

Of special interest to those seeking answers, and alternative treatment for ongoing pain, Silent Courage is one woman’s testament to persistence and faith. Sharing her story took immense courage and is sure to inspire others.”


From One Hip World:

“Mary has given us all a gift, as she not only allows us a look into her world as she fights HD (hip dysplasia) from childhood, but at the same time, she illuminates that which needs to be seen from the fighter’s perspective!”



From Amazon:

“Great story and a wonderful read. It was thought provoking and inspiring. Could really feel and understand the physical and emotional pain. Amazing book!”


“Mary Byrne Eigel lived with pain throughout her childhood. When she entered Kindergarten and was told to sit cross-legged on the rug with the other children, she couldn’t do it. Her parents had never told her that she had bilateral hip dysplasia from birth. But Mary found a way to sit in the circle that day. And so began years of adjustment and experimentation, years of questioning and confusion, Mary struggling to walk to school with her friends, take gym class and ride a bike. Everything was a challenge–and everything happened in a vacuum–Mary being left to discover why she was different, why she had to fight for normalcy.

The end of Mary’s journey is a positive one as she works through her pain and a series of surgeries. But the major component of Silent Courage is that pain has a life of its own and anyone who has gone on a similar journey will benefit from Mary’s insights. Mary learned how to tame the demon pain and reclaim her life. And it’s a full one–college degrees, family, career. And now this wonderful book.”


“In most cases silence is golden, but in this case, silence is courageous.”


“This book made me cry and smile—but more smiles ☺ It’s for anyone who has had to find their own answers or take their health into their own hands. And like most feel-good stories, it ends on a positive note with the protagonist encouraging the readers to not only find their own pain-free existences, but to tell their own stories. The author reminds us that we all have something worth sharing—how beautiful.”


“An ‘extraordinary story’ about a ‘seemingly ordinary’ little girl’s journey through life silently enduring excruciating leg pain day after day. Not because she has chosen to be silent. But because no one will validate or acknowledge that she is in pain, nor will they reveal the affliction she is suffering from. Instead it is kept a dark secret.
What starts out as a heart-breaking story turns out to be rather insightful and inspirational.
It is a “must-read” for anyone that has endured long-term physical pain or even emotional or any kind of pain for that matter. There is a good chance you will come out on the other side of this book with a positive perspective and a better understanding of your suffering. And if you look deep enough, you may possibly realize there was a purpose for the pain you endured. It is a fascinating story, well-written and captures you from the first pages. I highly recommend this book.”


“This is a beautifully written account of a life challenged by chronic pain and how the artist battled and bargained with her demon: Pain. This is a must read for anyone living with or loving someone with chronic pain.”

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