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Wheelie is Sailing

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Wheelie is the story of a wheelchair in search of adventure. Gifted with special powers by Josef, the man who rescues and repairs him, he longs to help a child explore the world. Told from Wheelie’s point of view, the book is the first of a fiction, chapter book series for children aged six to nine and their parents. My target market is physically challenged children who do not see themselves as diminished; they only see obstacles requiring creative problem solving. The secondary audience is able-bodied children and parents desiring to understand what it is like to be different. Wheelie allows the reader to step inside the life of a wheelchair and his human and non-human friends, to know their thoughts, feelings and dreams. Wheelie presents a fresh viewpoint, not one conditioned by old norms.

Come adventure with us. Let us know what you think, especially if you have a wheelchair in your family.


What readers are saying:

“Wheelie is the delightful story of an adventure hungry wheelchair looking to make a child’s life easier. Wheelie’s first person point of view makes it unique. So often books about children with special needs are written from an adult mindset. Wheelie allows us to see that a wheelchair is not something that limits children but rather gives them opportunities. I would recommend it for families that have a wheelchair as a member of their family, and for those who do not, but would like to understand what it is like to be mobility challenged.”                        Mary Wasserman      Washington School of Medicine, retired, St Louis Arc Board Member, retired, International Down Syndrome Board member, retired, 24/8 caregiver and Mom.

“I loved Wheelie. Is there more in the series? I really want to know. That series is very good. I like that book so much, it is the best.” M. Wilson, age 8

“There is a lesson in each chapter of the book.” T.A., Classroom teacher

“My kids and I started reading Wheelie last night. They both loved it! I didn’t think a book with almost no pictures would hold the attention of my 5 year old, but she was super into it. We plan to do a chapter a day.”  Stephanie, Children’s book author

 from Amazon:

“Excellent story about acceptance. You forget Wheelie is a wheelchair. Loved that it’s easy to read for kids. Short chapters with a message in almost everyone. It will appeal to all kids and their sense of adventure.”

“My 8 year old niece thoroughly enjoyed this entertaining educational story. Anxious for second book to continue Wheelie’s adventure.” S. Reed

“As a mom of four young children, a girl scout troop leader and a physical therapist – i was happy to see a book that makes talking about inclusion fun. Wheelie is first and foremost an adventure. Storytelling is a powerful teacher, and Wheelie teaches children about DIFF-abiliites (as opposed to DIS-abilities) in a playful way, not only highlighting the things that make us unique, but the things that make us the same. I’d like to see this book worked into Girl Scout/elementary school programming around sensitization of people’s varying levels of physical abilities. That is how I will be using the book with my own “able-bodied” (wish there was a better word…) children.”      S Tucker, PT, co-creator of an online mommy community. Visit her on My Mommy Manual as Zen Mommy for inspirational tips

“My 3rd through 5th grade students with special needs loved Wheelie! The students listened to the story over several days, as a read aloud, and were highly engaged by Wheelie’s adventurous nature. Wheelie features kid friendly language, with short chapters, making it a great first chapter book for children. My students related to Wheelie’s different abilities and his eventual acceptance by his peers. Wheelie is a great story that appeals to any child! I am looking forward to purchasing the next book in the Sailer series, when available, to read to my students!”  G. Wilson

“I absolutely loved this story. I can’t wait for the next adventure with Wheelie. I have personal experience with mobility challenges and found the story uplifting. Personifying the wheelchair is simply brilliant. It allows readers to experience mobility challenges from a perspective that would otherwise be impossible. The book is written at a perfect level for the story. It’s easy to read, has endearing characters and an interesting plot. I highly recommend this as a gift of for your personal library.”   T. Gaughan

“This delightful story is a great read and a wonderful way to introduce children to their own wheelchair or the wheelchair of others. Highly recommend.”

“This book brings inclusion to light in a fun, adventurous way. A must read for all ages! I will read my copy many times!”   T. Boyle, founder of IRUN4


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