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Wheelchair Accessible Beaches


What’s better than a warm beach on a blustery winter day?

That’s where Wheelie’s thoughts are, dreaming about his new friends, Sheri and Terri. They were inspired by their mother to create Beach Crossers Mobility Rentals in Puerto Vallarta.

Here is what they think about Wheelie:

“We truly loved Wheelie. We felt just enough unresolved questions at the end of the book that we are eager to read the next adventure. We couldn’t tell for example if Wheelie was going to be magical. Would he take kids all over the world with magic, or would he have real life adventures with a variety of kids. You left the options brilliantly open. We also loved the human characters who seem to have just a bit of magical intuition. Again, leaving you to wonder where that will lead in the future.”

Wheelie delights in knowing that there are special people, like Sheri and Terri, who understand the desire for adventure, especially on vacation. They told Wheelie that many children visit their area for medical treatment. How wonderful to think children and adults in wheelchairs can enjoy a trip along the beach. Everything feels better with a little sunshine, sand and water.

Wheelie hopes to travel and meet Sheri and Terrie personally someday. If you are planning a vacation, check out Beach Crossers Mobility Rentals in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit, in the beautiful Banderas Bay, Mexico.

Now Available: Wheelie is Sailing

img_5965Now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Wheelie is the story of a wheelchair in search of adventure. Gifted with special powers by Josef, the man who rescues and repairs him, he longs to help a child explore the world. Told from Wheelie’s point of view, the book is the first of a fiction, chapter book series for children aged six to nine and their parents. My target market is physically challenged children who do not see themselves as diminished; they only see obstacles requiring creative problem solving. The secondary audience is able-bodied children and parents desiring to understand what it is like to be different. Wheelie allows the reader to step inside the life of a wheelchair and his human and non-human friends, to know their thoughts, feelings and dreams. Wheelie presents a fresh viewpoint, not one conditioned by old norms.

Come adventure with us. Let us know what you think, especially if you have a wheelchair in your family.