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Measuring Chronic Pain Progress

It feels so great to be back posting. I have missed my blog friends but knew the only way a book gets written is to minimize distractions. I am nearing a conclusion, feeling good about it and look forward to sharing more about it soon!!

It dawned on me the other day that I might be using the wrong ruler to chart my progress. If I use one that has big spaces between numbers it feels like I make little progress. But if I scale down to a level that progress is actually measurable, like ounces on a digital scale, I have reason to rejoice.

Have you checked the type of ruler you are using lately?


About Mary Byrne Eigel

Before writing children’s books, Mary spent many years teaching in classrooms and creating art in her studio. She was born with bi-lateral hip dysplasia, a painful condition that causes normal activities, like walking, to be challenging. As a child, when Mary had to trek long distances, she often wished she had a wheelchair. For her, a wheelchair offered pain-free opportunities, not limitations. Mary grew up in Chicago, which is the lakefront inspiration for the town of Sail. She lives in Missouri with her husband and two dogs, Beaux and Trey.

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  1. I wanted to tweet etc but I don’t think your post is complete. Am I wrong? Beth

    Latest Blog Post: How My iPod Playlist Reduces Stress


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  2. Mary Byrne Eigel

    Beth, is it obvious that I have been otherly occupied and not blogging for awhile?? Thanks for noticing this, thought I had published it. Need to be retrained. Best to you in 2013.

  3. Hi Mary. There’s some fantastic advice in this post. Extremely useful for anyone who’s suffering from issues with chronic pain.

    Keep up the good work.

    Best wishes, Alex

  4. Mary Byrne Eigel

    Thanks, Alex. Being able to measure progress is important to feeling you have some control.

  5. Thank you Mary for this post! I have not thought about the ruler analogy but it makes great sense! Please keep writing on the blog! 🙂

  6. Mary Byrne Eigel

    Jen, thanks for stopping by. You have a very informed and resourceful blog yourself. I have been busy finishing a book. Hope to be back to more blogging soon. Be well. Mary

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