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Walk-Around Warmth for Pain

It’s winter and it’s cold. Last year I had hip and knee surgeries. This winter those muscles are screaming at me. On really cold days it feels like I’m trying to walk in concrete shoes. I move slowly and feel very stiff.

This past weekend I  bought some full length CUDDL DUDS long underwear. I cannot believe how much better my legs and knee feels. When I first put them on, I had to go lie down. My leg muscles were all celebrating and warming themselves by the fire.  I have not been able to take them off, they are so comforting. I am a warm person who does not like being hot. But this fabric is comfortable and breathable. I have even worn them to bed under pajamas. It’s like being able to wear a slim fitting heating pad around with you all day.

Warm wishes.

Have you found something that helps aching muscles and joints in wintertime?

About Mary Byrne Eigel

Before writing children’s books, Mary spent many years teaching in classrooms and creating art in her studio. She was born with bi-lateral hip dysplasia, a painful condition that causes normal activities, like walking, to be challenging. As a child, when Mary had to trek long distances, she often wished she had a wheelchair. For her, a wheelchair offered pain-free opportunities, not limitations. Mary grew up in Chicago, which is the lakefront inspiration for the town of Sail. She lives in Missouri with her husband and two dogs, Beaux and Trey.

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  1. Icebreaker merino clothes!
    They are warm, comfortable, look great and best of all: they don’t start to smell even after wearing them a lot!
    Also, because they’re a gorgeous natural fibre, you don’t tend to overheat in them.
    For more info, see
    Just don’t blame me if you don’t want to buy other tops and long johns ever again. I warned you. 😉

  2. Mary Byrne Eigel

    Thanks for the suggestion. I will have to check them out.

  3. A long, warm bath can be helpful to relax muscles and improve the spirit in the winter. Some folks like the set the scene with candles, music, etc.
    A friend has a deep tub with massaging “jets” of water. When I visit, I’m torn between socializing and relaxing in his bathroom!
    Great blog — glad I “dropped by” for a visit!

  4. Mary Byrne Eigel

    Thanks Phylor. Water can be such a friend. I know what you mean. Friends with great tubs should rent them out! Thanks, Mary

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